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HDL Works is a supplier of front-end VHDL / Verilog design tools, translators and an FPGA / PCB pin assignment verification tool.
HDL Works has over 15 years experience developing HDL tools.

All tools are available on Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Design & Verification Products

ConnTrace ConnTrace is used to view connections between components (including FPGAs) on one or more PCBs and to verify the connections between various PCB's, Independent on how your PCBs are connected (backplanes, connectors and/or rear panels). ConnTrace will present a view of the connections in seconds. What is newWhat's new in 2.1
Free 14 day trialFree 14 day trial

EASE EASE Graphical HDL Design tool for VHDL and (System)Verilog.
Combines block diagrams, state diagrams, truth tables and HDL code.
What is newWhat's new in 9.3
Free 14 day trialFree 14 day trial

HDL Companion The SWISS Army knife for every HDL Design Engineer
It will give you a complete overview of any VHDL or Verilog design in seconds.
Features include verification, linting and HTML generation.
What is newWhat's new in 3.1
Free 14 day trialFree 14 day trial

IO Checker When using large FPGA's on a PCB making sure that the FPGA pins are connected to the right signals is a cumbersome task.
IO Checker uses rules (based on regular expressions) to match the signal names in both the FPGA and PCB design environment.
What is newWhat's new in 4.2
Free 14 day trialFree 14 day trial

Scriptum A text editor focused at VHDL and Verilog, using a Multiple Document Interface.
(Free of charge)
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Translation products and services

FLDL2HDL Fujitsu FLDL netlist and FTDL test format translated into a VHDL or Verilog netlist.
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