The bit_vector is a one-dimensional array type with elements being of type Bit. The bit_vector type is predefined in the Standard package.


type bit_vector is array (natural range <>) of bit; 


The bit_vector type is an unconstrained vector. During the declaration the size of a vector is specified.

Assignments to a bit_vector can be done in the same way as in case of any arrays (using single element assignments, concatenation, aggregates, slices or any combination of the previous methods).

The bit_vector is an unresolved type and therefore any object of this type can have only one assignment in an architecture.


signal Bus : bit_vector(7 downto 0); 
Bus(0) <= '1'; 
Bus <= ('1', others => '0'); 
Bus <= Bus(6 downto 0) & Bus(7); 
Bus <= "01110010";


See also:

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