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Problems fixed in ConnTrace 2.0 Rev 3
April 6, 2020

Mentor keyin netlist 2.0.3 Support for Mentor Graphics keyin netlist format.
ISCF netlist 2.0.3 Support for Intel Schematic Compatibility Format (ISCF) netlist format.
ODB++ 2.0.2 Preliminary support for ODB++ (directory structure only).
Altium Designer extension 2.0.2 Added support for our own Altium Designer extension and place pin labels in the XML netlist extraction.
2061 PCB properties dialog doesn't show value of the 'Voltage extraction' property 2.0.2 The Allegro option checkbox 'Voltage extraction: Ignore values' is always unchecked.
2059 Part properties are never updated 2.0.2 Part properties are not updated after reparsing a PCB file.
2046 Pins are compared in a case-sensitive manner 2.0.1 The matcher sees pins like 'A1' and 'a1' as different pins. Connectors using alpha-numeric pin names which differ only in case are not matched.
2021 Non-existent reference designator can be specified for an FPGA 2.0.1 Reference designators are now presented in a dropdown list and should be present in the netlist.
CSV PCB import 2.0.1 Possibility to import a pcb description using a generic CSV file.

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