Fixed Problems in HDL Companion 2.10 Rev 1
September 7, 2017

1902 Crash in Verific VHDL parser 2.10.1 Parser crashes when check is made if constant declaration is locally static while the package body containing needed information contains errors.
1187 VHDL linter SS13 false positives 2.10.1 VHDL linter issues false positives for SS13 (mixed polarity reset).
1878 Xilinx Vivado primitives should be loaded from data folder 2.10.1 Primitives were loaded from the 'ids_lite' folder
1864 SS14 lint message should also be issued if process does not use a reset 2.10.1 The SS14 lint message (unresettable register) should also be issued if the process does not use a reset. At this moment the message will only be issued if the process does have a reset part, but the signal is not part of it.
1863 Add a new lint message "signal has initial value and no other drivers" 2.10.1 Add a lint check for a signal that is in fact a constant
1804 HDL Parseres fail on `protected encoding type 2.10.1 A `protected encoding type that uses parenthesis fails in both VHDL and Verilog parser
1777 Support for shortcuts in corporate/user menus 2.10.1 Support for shortcuts in menus.xml file.
1776 Support for corporate/user buttons (just like the corporate/user menus) 2.10.1 Button in the toolbar for fast access.
1695 Change default directory of Browse gadget to the current working directory 2.10.1 When no start location is set, the browse gadget uses HomeDirGet() on Windows. When using HDL COmpanion inside a framework 'PWD' is a better start location.

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