Fixed Problems in HDL Companion 2.9 Rev 1
April 6, 2016

1730 Fuzzy parser treats variable declaration as component instantiation 2.9.1 The fuzzy parser treats (shared) variable declarations as component instantiation statements. This will lead to warnings about missing component declarations.
1728 VHDL 2008 package instantiation results in error 2.9.1 Certain generic maps cause a syntax error.
1727 VHDL parser crashes on certain syntax errors in package declarations 2.9.1 A missing semi-colon at the end of a procedure declaration causes the VHDL parser to crash.
1706 Different lint message for CP7 range mismatches when dealing with scalar types 2.9.1 The comparison functions in package numeric_std correctly handle unsigned values with different sizes. So there is no problem when we are dealing with unsigned types using comparison functions in numeric_std.
1658 User configurable sub-menus also appear as toplevel menu 2.9.1 Sub-menu will be present twice.
1644 Add buttons for VCM commands to the file view 2.9.1 This will be much easier as you now need to access the commands using a 2-level popup menu.
Command line executable of HDL Companion 2.9.1 A command line executable to process TCL scripts

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