Fixed Problems in ConnTrace 1.3 Rev 1
February 28, 2017

1866 Incorrect table headers in the HTML report 1.3 The table hader should inside a table row.
1865 User accepted mismatch printed in the HTML report 1.3 Each user accepted mismatch is shown in the Rules chapter of the HTML report.
1800 Font, fontsize and colors can not be set for various views 1.3 Font type and font size can now be set in the user preferences dialog.
1695 Change default directory of Browse gadget to the current working directory 1.3 When no start location is set, the browse gadget uses HomeDirGet() on Windows. When using ConnTrace inside a framework 'PWD' is a better start location.
1694 Improve message when license checkout fails. 1.3 Show reason license request failed (e.g. all licenses already in use).
1325 Copy button to easily add the same file twice. 1.3 Duplicating a netlist should be made easier.

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