Problems fixed in ConnTrace 1.4 Rev 1
August 23, 2018

1977 Verify that the regular expression in rules dialog is valid 1.4.1 When you specify a regular expression like 'user_(\d+' there is no feedback that the expression is invalid. (Only that the match count will be 0)
1972 New sorting order for pins 1.4.1 A row oriented pin sorting A1, B1, I1... instead of A1, A2, .. I15, I16
This order is commonly used in OPENVPX connectors.
1961 Improved tracing when using internal net names 1.4.1 Look over a series resistor and use the user assigned net name instead of a system generated name in verification
1960 Allow to supply comment with a user accepted mismatch 1.4.1 A comment helps to remember why a mismatched has been accepted by an engineer
1900 The trace view and filter don't show the amount of hidden nets 1.4.1 The trace view cpation should show the number of hidden nets. The filter label should denote the number of active filters
1849 Add more info to 'Help about' dialog 1.4.1 From the 'Help about' dialog it should be possible to check if new versions/revisions are available.
Printing of views 1.4.1 Improved printing of trace view and use multiple pages when a table does not fit horizontally.
Netlist viewer scroll problem 1.4.1 The netlist viewer did not scroll to the selected net when its childs where not open yet.

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