Problems fixed in EASE 8.4 Revision 6

1958 Incorrect VHDL generated for a multi dimensional array 8.4.6 Extra parenthesis are generated when using a type defined are an array of std_logic_vector.
1921 VHDL parser crash on syntax error 8.4.6 An incorrect range construct in a for-generate statement will cause a crash in the VHDL parser.
1914 EASE could crash on VHDL import 8.4.5 Incorrect position information could lead to verification errors after import or a direct crash
1908 Syntax errors after using synthesis read_comments_as_HDL on pragma 8.4.5 The object identifiers we add for hot error navigation are now interpreted as HDL by the parser.
1907 Unrelated text files updated after VCM actions 8.4.5 After a VCM action (e.g. check-in or check-out of a single entity) unrelated text files will be updated. There will be no change to the file content, but the timestamp will change and this will cause external tools to perform all kinds of (unwanted) actions.
1902 Crash in VHDL parser 8.4.4 Some VHDL syntax errors in package bodies could crash the VHDL parser
1887 VHDL linter SS13 false positives 8.4.4 VHDL linter issues false positives for SS13 (mixed polarity reset)
1880 Missing library statement in generated VHDL 8.4.3 When an entity from another library is instantiated in an architecture an USE clause is required to make this entity visible. If the entity already contained that library clause (because of a package use) no library clause was generated.
1863 Added Misc15 lint check 8.4.2 Signal has initial value but no other assignments
1862 New units in an internal VHDL file don't showup 8.4.2 Changes are not displayed after updating an external HDL file
1861 Unable to add managed library 8.4.2 Adding a managed library results in an error message:
ERROR: SVN: 'URL: '.../library.eas' doesn't exist'
Use clauses missing 8.4.2 Use clauses for entities where missing for an architecture if library clause was already present for entity
Static libraries 8.4.2 On Linux use more static libraries (to prevent problems on Ubuntu).
1859 Library meta data incorrect after library import 8.4.1 Library import usages dump/restore mechanism, but during restore the meta data for the managed libraries was not restored
1853 No error message when saving to full file system 8.4.1 Added check that .eas files are not 0 bytes in size.
1852 Signal type not correctly recognized 8.4.1 Net properties dialog will show type name in red if type is declared in "Declarations before Signals"
1845 Add option to disable consistency verification after load 8.4.1 When a lot of managed libraries are used (while in some cases we only need a part of these libraries like the packages), consistency verification tends to results in hundreds of messages, and it takes a lot of time as well
1839 Retain default import style between different HDL import actions 8.4.1 In the HDL import dialog you can specify a default import style, but this setting is not retained between different import actions.
1834 Unsaved changed lost after updating workspace 8.4.1 When updating a workspace (for the project or a managed library) Ease does not ask to save changes. These changes will be lost when the project is reloaded after the VCM action.
1833 When re-importing a library the library name is not updated 8.4.1 As title
1818 Do not clear VCM status log after VCM actions 8.4.1 On large projects the VCM status verification may take a long time. Based on the information in the VCM log it is sometimes necessary to perform multiple actions. But after each action the VCM log is cleared and it is necessary to perform the status verification again ...
1790 VHDL Linter reports latch for variable, while is not present 8.4.1 Fixed VHDL linter false positives (Misc2, latch detected)
1782 Progress window on Tcl actions defined in the menus.xml 8.4.1 It is not possible to show progress for long operations started from menus/buttons defined in the menus.xml file.
1779 Verilog import fails with incorrect message 8.4.1 Ansi style port declarations with multiple identifiers in a single declaration are not counted correctly.
1777 Support for shortcuts in corporate/user menus 8.4.1 Support for shortcuts in menus.xml file.
1776 Support for corporate/user buttons (just like the corporate/user menus) 8.4.1 Button in the toolbar for fast access.
1769 Option to convert HDL file architecture to an architecture with a block diagram 8.4.1 Right now when you want to convert an HDL file architecture you will have to generate code and import this.
1766 Free placed text cannot be aligned 8.4.1 The alignment buttons are not enabled for free placed text.
1765 Have a entity / symbol preview in the component instantiate dialog 8.4.1 Have a preview that makes it easier to know which entity you will be adding to the schematic.
1759 Linter does not report range mismatches when type conversions are involved 8.4.1 Conversions like UNSIGNED(PortIn(7 downto 0)) are ignored.
1753 Package and toplevel entity disappear from library on a redo 8.4.1 Certain units are not set modified after copying a library
1749 VHDL fuzzy parser doesn't determine the correct libraries. 8.4.1 Some units are placed in 'work' instead of a named library.
1742 Support for customizable object headers 8.4.1 The generated files contain headers for each object contained in the file and these headers cannot be customized.
1738 Improve default position of a condition text in an FSM 8.4.1 When the transition is a vertical line the default position of the transition label is almost on that line.
1737 Automatic sensitivity list can set in 2 dialogs for an FSM 8.4.1 The automatic sensitivity property of an FSM process can be set both in the Process property dialog and in the Fsm property dialog. The Process property is however ignored.
1732 Don't create process port with property on-sensitivity list when the process doesn't use one 8.4.1 Do not set property when not appropriate and don't show it in a tooltip.
1726 Changing a bit_vector type into bit in the entity property dialog disables the range cell 8.4.1 When a range is not possible the text color will be red, but still editable.
1709 The list of HDL files generated shown in Scriptum should be opened with the configurated editor 8.4.1 The clickable list of files or Modelsim errors in the HDL report log (Scriptum window) lead to a file open in Scriptum instead of using the user configured editor.
1707 Back button (with shortcut) in the browsers 8.4.1 A back button in the browsers would make it easier to navigate back to the previous object you selected before.
1698 Auto add ripper 8.4.1 Automatically add a ripper when ending a wire of a simple type on a another wire which has an array or record type and present the Ripper dialog to add an index or record element.
1690 Pre configurable colors for nets of different types 8.4.1 Have different default colors for wires of type skalar/record/vector.
1689 Context submenu should be named 'Add' instead of 'New' 8.4.1 In the browser database view most objects have a submenu 'New'. In some cases (e.g. when adding a managed library to a project) this name is misleading. Using 'Add' instead of 'New' would be better.
1688 Show library name in new entity dialog 8.4.1 When creating a new entity using the "Add Component of new Entity" in the block diagram editor the dialog that is opened does not show the name of the library where the new entity will be created.
1684 Adding managed library to a project is very slow 8.4.1 In very large projects containing a very high number of managed libraries, creating the snapshot for library selection is very slow.
1683 Filter to only show checked-out objects in the database view 8.4.1 Added filter button in the database view.
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