Problems fixed in Scriptum 18.0 Rev 1,
October 10, 2017

1722 Improve syntax highlighting for keywords that don't start with an alphabetic character 18.0.1 Verilog special strings like $display are not recognized by the syntax highlighting
1630 Highlight all found instances of a search string 18.0.1 Highlight all results of a search string instead of showing them in the search results.
1435 Allow un-indent when only spaces are used. 18.0.1 When the indent is done using spaces also allow un-indent.
Show text selection size 18.0.1 The size of the selected text is shown in combination with the caret position
Language keywords 18.0.1 Added VHDL attributes, (System)Verilog system tasks to the keyword groups
Highlight selection 18.0.1 Highlight all occurrences of a word selected by double click and show these occurrences in the status line.

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