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November 2019, HDL Works announces the release and immediate availability of ConnTrace 2.0,
the PCB connectivity visualization and verification tool.

About ConnTrace

ConnTrace is a new and easy to use tool, to visualize and verify how components (including FPGAs) connect to each other on 1 or multiple PCBs. It can handle (rotated) connectors as well as shrouds on (through) a backplane. The PCB connection view shows traces for all signals that can be reached through the connectors. Filters and sorting allow you to concentrate on the potential problems.

What is new in ConnTrace 2.0

Netlist view

New in ConnTrace 2.0 is the Netlist view. This view shows all signals defined in a netlist in a tabular manner, with the connected pins, for one board or multiple boards. You can add any number of components to the view to easily see how they connect to each other. When present in the PCB netlist file ConnTrace will show pin labels, like DDR3_A1 instead of just the pin number (AE3). Check boxes in the header in combination with sorting and name filtering allow you to concentrate on areas of interest.

ConnTrace Netlist view
ConnTrace Netlist view of a single board

Comment can be added to each signal.

Pin labels in the netlist view

ConnTrace uses pin labels in the columns of the components when available in the PCB netlist format. The pin labels make it easier to verify connectivity. You can add any number of components to the view to easily see how they connect to each other. in the example below it easy to see that data lines D14 and D15 have incorrect connections.

Connections by pin number
Connections by pin number
Connections by pin label
Connections by pin label

Extended FPGA information

FPGA constraint files can now also be used as a data source. FPGA bank number, signal direction and IO type are shown in additional columns

ConnTrace Netlist view
Netlist view with an FPGA


ConnTrace 2.0 is available now and can be downloaded and evaluated from the company website.

About HDL Works

HDL Works develops and markets high-performance, intuitive tools for complex HDL design across a wide spectrum of applications. Its software products are available on Windows and Linux operating systems. HDL Works currently holds ConnTrace, EASE, HDL Companion and IO Checker in its product portfolio. Headquartered in Ede, The Netherlands, HDL Works is privately held.

HDL Works BV
Keplerlaan 12
6716 BS Ede
The Netherlands

ConnTrace, EASE, HDL Companion, IO Checker and Scriptum are trademarks of HDL Works.

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