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What's new in HDL Companion 3.2

VHDL 2019

The VHDL parser is extended with initial support for the VHDL 2019 standard. The VHDL 2019 standard can be selected in the project properties dialog. Among the new supported features are:

HTML generator

The fixed font sizes in the HTML header have been removed. Anchors for line navigation in HDL text have been replaced with an Id attribute. Newlines in HDL text are placed outside of the <span> classes.

Lint and Code convention checking

A property can be set on a file to treat the HDL file as a testbench (thus ignoring specific RTL checks like SS5).

Verilog linter:

Fixed CP8 and Misc12 false positives.
Improved checks for CP11/CP12/Misc6/Misc8/Misc9

VHDL linter:

Misc6 now reports use of positional generic map (if there are multiple generics).
Improved CP7.

Code convention checking:

Added check for a maximum line length.


The tooltips on HDL identifiers in the Scriptum editor window now work on qualified names like: ieee.std_logic_1164.std_ulogic.

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