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Lattice Semiconductor FPGAs


IO Checker supports Lattice Semiconductor FPGA families from the Diamond and Radiant tools.

Pin reports

IO Checker can read both the PAD Specification file (with extension 'pad') and the Pin Layout file (with extension 'csv'). The best results in IO Checker are achieved with the Pin Layout file.


IO Checker can read and write the Diamond LPF constraints files. The Radiant PDC format will be supported in version 5.1.

Device support

  • Diamond
    • ECP2, ECP3, ECP5
    • MachXO2, MachXO3, MachOX3D
    • XP2
  • Radiant
    • Avant
    • Certus-NX, CertusPro-NX
    • CrossLink-NX
    • MachXO5

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