Fixed Problems in HDL Companion 3.0
April 20, 2020

2062 Crash in SystemVerilog parser after syntax error 3.0.1 As title
2057 VHDL linter CP14 false positive 3.0.1 When a component instantiation contains a function in the formal part of a port association this is not recognized.
2050 VHDL Lint check on range for an integer type 3.0.1 Add a lint check that signal or variable using an integer/natural/positive has a range constraint.
2036 Fuzzy parser does not detect end of package correctly 3.0.1 If a package contains a package instantiation statement it is possible the end of the package is treated as the end of the package instantiation.
2030 Incorrect VHDL-1101 error message 3.0.1
2025 Modelsim error reporting changed 3.0.1 Some Modelsim errors have a changed format (string '(suppressible)' after the string '** Error') failing the error recognition.
2022 VHDL linter does not report all Misc12 (signal has neither asynchrous reset nor initial value) cases 3.0.1 Conditional signal assignments are not handled correctly.
2019 VHDL linter CP 14 false positive 3.0.1 False positive inside a procedure in a package.

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