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Fixed Problems in HDL Companion 3.1 Rev 2
January 27, 2022

2170 Incorrect VHDL CP14 lint message 3.1.2 When using overloaded functions function usage is not detected correctly.
2169 Incorrect VHDL SS14 lint message 3.1.2 Conditional variable assignment statements like
MyVar := '0' when (x = y)
are not handled correctly and may result in an SS14 message about x.
2149 Crash in Verilog linter 3.1.2 Complex expression could lead to a divide by zero.
2136 Incorrect Verilog linter CP14 message 3.1.2 Verilog linter CP14 false positives when indexed names were used in function return
2135 Incorrect Verilog linter Misc2 message 3.1.2 Verilog linter false positive Misc2 when clock used in event control was referred by selected name
2134 Verilog linter CP14 false positives 3.1.2 (local)param usage in function call arguments not handled
2131 Report assertion statements that do not have a report clause 3.1.2 Added Lint check as Misc18
2130 SystemVerilog Misc6 linter false positives 3.1.2 SystemVerilog instance uses with ".*" wildcard for ports this is not handled correctly.
Mixed language issue 3.1.2 Fixed issue when both entity and module with the name where present (in different libraries).
2128 Testbench skeleton not generated for Verilog modules 3.1.1 As title
2127 Compiler/lint flags not removed when deleting text line in the Scriptum editor 3.1.1 The status flags in the line number area are not removed when you explicitly delete the line with the error.
2126 VHDL lint reports signals used in Verilog direct instantiation as unused 3.1.1 As title
2125 File compile status shows green OK mark while errors present 3.1.1 Files which have compiler errors show a red error flag in the File view. After pressing the 'Recompile modified files' button the error flag is replaced with the green OK mark when the file was not modified (and thus not re-compiled).
2123 VHDL fuzzy parser always ignores synthesis pragmas 3.1.1 The fuzzy VHDL parser always ignores synthesis pragmas (even when told to follow them). This can cause problems in the real VHDL parser as not all dependencies may have been detected by the fuzzy parser.
2115 Open external file with regular text editor 3.1.1 An external document added to HDL Companion cannot be opened/edited when the file extension is not registered.
2111 Fail to save/restore user settings on Windows 3.1.1 The save/restore of user settings doesn't work on Windows when the username contains extended characters.
2108 Files not recognized in a directory containing extended characters 3.1.1 Files stored below a folder containing extended characters (like é or è) are not found inside HDL Companion.

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