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Fixed Problems in HDL Companion 3.3 Rev 2
March 14, 2024

2308 Incorrect fuzzy message on constant function argument 3.3.2 Constant arguments with an explicit type argument (ieee.numeric_std.signed) of a function definition within an architecture cause a fuzzy message.
2304 Alias statements seen as component declarations 3.3.2 Some alias statements on variables or signals are treated (and shown in the detailed view) as component instantiations.
2298 Import simulator script no longer works 3.3.2 Some Tcl functions are made read-only in the GUI part of HDLCompanion.
2296 Toolflow report does not show caption 3.3.2 Depending on how an HDL file is compiled with an external analyzer the log window caption is empty.
2294 Incorrect fuzzy messages about package not being found 3.3.2 Some package instantiations which use library 'work' are reported 'not found', while being present.
2293 VHDL package body files are not compiled with the toolflow. 3.3.2 Separate VHDL package body files do not appear in the list of files.
2290 SystemVerilog CP7 linter false positive 3.3.1 SystemVerilog built-in functions of queues where ignored.
2279 New lint checks 3.3.1 Implemented basic DO254 Safe Synthesis checks for SS8/SS9/SS10 (both in Verilog and VHDL):
  SS8: Avoid Clock Used as Data
  SS9: Avoid Shared Clock and Reset Signal
  SS10: Avoid gated clocks
2275 Incorrect (System)Verilog dependencies 3.3.1 When a selected name refers to an instance, but a module/interface with the same (primary) name is present an incorrect dependency to this module/interface is added.
2207 Retain selection in the browsers 3.3.1 After analyzing files the selection in the browser widgets is lost.

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