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Problems fixed in IO Checker 4.0 Rev 2

2049 Allegro pin group editor keeps reporting changes 4.0.2 Once changes have been made to a PIN_GROUPS the dialog continues to report that changes are present when you close the dialog.
2035 User/corporate rules dialog does not save flag 4.0.2 The 'Use PCB derived name' flag is ignored.
2033 IO Checker will crash when specifying a rule with an empty name 4.0.2 The ruls dialog allows to save a rule without a name, when it is not active. However it will crash in the apply.
2024 Re-wiring symbol in Allegro after pin swap can result in duplicate wire names. 4.0.2 The wiring program doesn't remove wires for which no data is specified in data table. So the unconnected pin gets a new wire (with correct name) but the old (which should be unconnected) is not removed.
Altera device update 4.0.2 Device updates for Cyclone 10 and Stratix 10
Microsemi device update 4.0.2 Device updates for Polarfire and RTG4
Xilinx device update 4.0.2 Device updates for QVirtexup, Zynqup, VirtexupHBM, Virtexup58G
2014 Verilog generated from PCB data contains wires declarations 4.0.1 Removed wires and generate ANSI style Verilog module
2012 MACHXO pins marked as dedicated control pins 4.0.1 MACHXO2 and MACHXO3 pins DONE, PROGRAMN and INNIT are set to be dedicated control (and not to be used in the constraints) while beeing dual use.
1977 Verify that the regular expression in rules dialog is valid 4.0.1 When you specify a regular expression like 'user_(\d+' there is no feedback that the expression is invalid. (Only that the match count will be 0)
1965 Wire both $LOCATION and LOCATION components 4.0.1 In some sheets in Cadence Allegro the FPGA components uses both LOCATION and $LOCATION reference designator. The wiring routine should support in the same sheet.
1942 Improve HDL/Constraint generation for Altium Designer LVDS signals 4.0.1 In Altium Designer it is required that all LVDS signal pairs end with _n and _p. This is also the case for array signals.
So an LVDS array of signals in Altium Designer looks like:
sig<4>_p, sig<3>_p, ... (and n side, a<4>_n , a<3>_n).
1923 Improve caption of verification window 4.0.1 IO Checker should adjust the caption when only doing a file status verification (vs a project verification).
1876 Add a check to verfiy all HDL signals have a location constraint 4.0.1 It is now only possible to see in the HDL Signal view if all signals have a pin location constraint. (Using the view filter).
1577 Improved generation of both HDL and constraint file from PCB data 4.0.1 HDL and constraint generation is now based on the Signal View. Here you can modify signal names, ranges and direction before generating HDL.
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