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Problems fixed in IO Checker 5.0 Revision 3
August 24, 2023

2280 ODB++ reader issues 5.0.3 ODB++ reader fails on UNITS statement
The reader now uses the 'eda/data' file as netlist, instead of the 'cadnet/netlist' file.
Pin group changes Xilinx 5.0.3 Moved Xilinx VCCADC... pins to the functional group VCCRIO for 7-series families
Allegro wiring 5.0.3 Added Allegro V22.1 to the executable determination.
Added warning about missing settings.il SKILL file.
FPGA Device updates 5.0.3
  • Efinix: Trion
  • Xilinx: Versal, VersalHbm & Artix UltraScale+ Automotive
  • Lattice Semiconductor: Avant, Certus-NX, CertusPro-NX & MachXO5
2264 Microsemi constraints format changed for PolarFire family 5.0.2 The set_io command has changed and is not recognized.
2257 Unconnected net pattern in the User preferences not stored 5.0.2 Any value set for Unconnected net pattern in the User preferences is lost when re-opening the dialog.
2235 ODB++ components.z file not processed 5.0.2 IO Checker only uncompresses the .Z files as they are compressed by Unix compress.
.z files with gzip compression (not supported in the standard) are not supported.
2233 Microsemi pin report by name parser broken 5.0.2 Parser reports the functional name (Function column) as the signal name for each pin, instead of the name from the Port column.
2231 Zuken NDF parser ignores unconnected pins 5.0.2 The Zuken NFD parser ignore all lines which don't specify a netname, part_name or pin_label.
FPGA Device updates 5.0.2
  • Efinix: Trion & Titanium
  • Intel: Agilex & Stratix 10
  • Lattice Semiconductor: Avant & CrossLink
  • Microsemi: PolarFire & PolarFireSoc
2202 Option to save data source locations relative 5.0.1 When creating a new project the selected data files are always using a full path. Only after saving the project you can change this to a relative path.
2201 Support for Lattice Radiant devices 5.0.1 Families Certus-NX, CertusPro-NX and MACHXO5-NX have been added.
2192 Microsemi Igloo2/SmartFusion2 VCCC clock capable pins not in the CLK group 5.0.1 As title
2191 Extract voltage information from other Microsemi Libero report files. 5.0.1 Additional data files for voltage extraction could be:
2189 Show pin differences for alternate device in the pin view 5.0.1 Add filter in both Pin view and Device view to only show pins which differ on the alternate device.
2188 Rule matching option to allow both normal name and derived name 5.0.1 Add option in the matching dialog for each rule.
2187 Disable annoying beeps 5.0.1 User option to disable annoying beep when errors are sent to the console window
2160 Have a way to easily modify constraint signals names 5.0.1 A new dialog is added to change groups of signals using regular expressions.
2147 Extend Cadence Allegro wiring dialog with a port type. 5.0.1 The Allegro CSV wiring can now extract a port type from the CSV file.
2142 Improve ODB++ support 5.0.1 Support for compressed components.Z file in ODB++ directory structure.
FPGA Device updates 5.0.1
  • Efinix:
    Trion & Titanium
  • Intel:
    Agilex, Stratix 10, Max10, Cyclone10
  • Lattice Semiconductor:
    ECP5, MachXO3, MachXO5-NX, Certus-NX, CertusPro-NX
  • Microsemi:
    Igloo2, PolarFire, PolarFireSoc, SmartFusion2
  • Xilinx:
    Versal (AI Core, AI Edge, Prime, Premium), Virtex UltraScale+ HBM, Defense-Grade Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC, Defense-Grade Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC
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