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Problems fixed in IO Checker 5.1 Revision 1
February 27, 2024

2303 Wiring Allegro projects fails when spaces are in the directory path 5.1.1 The Skill wiring engine cannot cope with spaces in directory path to the project path.
2302 Direction icon missing in pinview 5.1.1 The signal direction is not extracted from the AMD Vivado pin report.
2291 Signal view filter fails 5.1.1 The signal view still shows vectorized signals when both filters Hide assigned signals and Hide LVDS negative signals are active.
2281 Schematic wiring ignores Intel signal names 5.1.1 Both Altium and Allegro wiring scripts still used old property name, which is now empty, and thus didn't wire symbols.
2260 Support for compressed Cadence Packager pstcmdb.dat file 5.1.1 The Allegro packaged netlist file 'pstcmd.dat' generated by version 17.2 has become a compressed file.
2251 No PCB data error issued when writing constraints file 5.1.1 When all signal constraints are correct you still get an error (and Yes/No dialog) when there is no PCB file present.
2250 Add a message dialog when opening a project created with an older version 5.5.1 To prevent changing/saving a modified project to a newer database format add a message dialog when opening a project using an older database format.
Message can be disabled in the user preferences.
2204 Microsemi XML reports 5.1.1 support for Microsemi PolarFire/PolarFireSoc *_pinrpt_boardlayout.xml
2174 Extend Cadence Allegro wiring dialog with a port type 5.1.1 Allow to set an Allegro port type for each signal individually.
2156 Support CSV based wiring of power/ground in Altium Designer 5.1.1 Allow wiring of symbols based on CSV data.
FPGA Device updates 5.1.1
  • AMD
    Renamed Xilinx to AMD
    QVersal Premium, Versal (aiedge, hbm, prime, premium) and Zynq.
  • Efinix
    Trion & Titanium
  • Intel
    Agilex 7, Stratix 10
    Changed Stratix 3, Stratix 4 and Cyclone 3 families into legacy families.
  • Lattice Semiconductor
    Avant, MachX05, ECP5, MachXO2
    Split MachXO3 into 3 families: MachXO3L, MachXO3LF, MachXO3LFP
  • Microsemi
    PolarFire, PolarFireSoc
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