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Problems fixed in Scriptum 22.0 Rev 1

2139 Windows print on large documents fails 22.0.1 The application will use to many GDI resources and terminate.
2138 Crash when printing document with filename to Postscript 22.0.1 When printing using the Postscript format and the filename was added to the print options Scriptum will crash.
2129 Context menu in the tabbar operates on the active window 22.0.1 The selected action from the context menu is performed on the active window, not the one the menu is invoked upon.
2127 Compiler/lint flags not removed when deleting text line in the Scriptum editor 22.0.1 The status flags in the line number area are not removed when you explicitly delete the line with the error.
2111 Fail to save/restore user settings on Windows 22.0.1 The save/restore of user settings doesn't work on Windows when the username contains extended characters.
2108 Files not recognized in a directory containing extended characters 22.0.1 Files stored below a folder containing extended characters (like é or è) are not found inside HDL Companion.
2086 Component and instance templates are broken 22.0.1 VHDL component/instance and Verilog instance templates fail when unit is not found in HDL Companion or Scriptum is stand-alone.
Templates 22.0.1 Placed Verilog, SystemVerilog templates in alphabetic order.
VHDL 2019 22.0.1 Added VHDL 2019 keywords and attributes
Search dialog position 22.0.1 Search dialog was always re-opened in middle of the parent window.
Modified cloned windows 22.0.1 Don't ask to save modified cloned windows (only the last one).

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