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EASE: Team design and version management

Many FPGA's and ASIC's are designed by a team of engineers that need to work closely together to finish the implementation correct and on time. The best way to work together on a project is by using a design environment that allows a group of designers to simultaneously work on the project without interfering with each other. EASE supports team based design using the open source version management system Subversion. The Subversion client is integrated into EASE to achieve the best performance. All designers in the team can check-in/check-out objects at the entity/module level. This fine grain control allows you to edit the parts that you need to work on while your colleagues can still read these parts.

Managed Libraries

The increasing design size and need of customers to create IP building blocks that can be re-used in new Ease projects have led to a number of improvements in the Ease version management support:

  • Support for projects that contain libraries from multiple other version managed projects
  • Support for projects that are only partly managed by a versioning system
  • Improved configuration management support
  • Visualization of the differences between versions of an object
  • System administration interface (to remove lock files, move a repository)

It is now possible to create a (version managed) project that includes libraries which are part of another version managed project. These libraries are called managed libraries. A managed library can reside in another Subversion repository and you can select which branch or tag to use in your project.

When you are using a branch of a managed library you can checkout any unit in the library (which will set a lock in the original project). If you commit any changes they will become available for anyone using this branch.

For managed libraries (just like linked libraries) it is possible to specify a different HDL output directory in the project properties.

Managed Library

Verification and linting HDL Generation and toolflow

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